sustaining employee performance

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Sustaining Employee Performance Christina Ladach, Ryan Smith, Angela Villella, Stephanie Wickline, and Jesus Yanez HRM 300 September 22, 2014 Robert Lacey IV Sustaining Employee Performance There is usually a multitude of different positions within an organization. The different positions are determined by the size of the organization. While many positions may have similar characteristics when it comes to performance and compensation many are also at opposite ends of the spectrum. Based on the position, companies may choose different methods of evaluating performance. Companies also choose different pay scales and incentives based on each position. Two positions that may be compared would be a triage nurse and an admission…show more content…
The first evaluation type would be Critical Incident method, and the second would be the Graphic Rating Scale. Critical Method job evaluation would be good for a Triage Nurse and an Admissions Receptionist because this evaluation is a task-focused based evaluation. Both of these jobs come in contact with clients, and they have certain tasks and procedures to follow with each client. Critical Method focuses on those tasks an employee has and how he or she performance those tasks. The evaluations are done mostly by the managers, by doing observations of the employees and gathering that information for the year. Critical Method job evaluations are very effective relationship building tool because it requires the manager to spend most of their time in the work area working, observing, and interacting with there in employees (DeCenzo, p. 251). This situation could be a disadvantage because your manager is most likely to be there every day and see everything that is going on, but if they are a good manager they are there to provide support and guidance. The Second Performance Job evaluation I would use to evaluate A Triage Nurse and an Admissions Receptionist would be the Graphic Rating Scale method because of the number of Nurses and Receptionist you will have; this will help to identify the very best and poor employees. This type of evaluation helps to separate employees into tiers. This separation can help determine which employees receive promotions or training
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