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Northeastern University TSMG 5340 - Telecommunications Public Policy and Business Management Thursday 6:00PM –9:30PM Forsyth Building Rm 237 Fall 2014 9/4th –12/11th Instructor Dick Lush Email or , phone -508-695-6034 If Class is cancelled – see announcement Course Material Course Pack at Harvard Business Publishing- See detailed instructions under Course Material TAB. There are 22 cases and readings, Reading assignments and slides on Blackboard. Course Description This course provides an overview of the telecommunications industry with focus on areas such as overview of the industry, technologies, policy,…show more content…
The case method of learning requires the identification of the key problems and challenges the company is trying to solve. What information is useful and what information is not useful, analysis to determine the root causes of the situation, and then suggest a plan of attack/recommendations should be included. There are no right or wrong answers. However, there are good and bad analyses and recommendations! Each student is expected to have fully prepared for the individual case as discussed above, and to be ready and willing to share his/her views with the class. One constant objective in every case discussion is to raise as many possible key issues in the case, and to have a full articulation (pros and cons) of these issues. Individual Case Guidelines 3 + written pages (you can add exhibits, if needed), to be handed in on the due date Position your paper as a memo/recommendation to senior management Provide your recommendations and the key reasons for your recommendations Solve the business problem(s) and justify your decision See the due dates in the syllabus Please put your name on each assignment AND include the questions provided Individual cases that are late will be assessed 10pts each day that they are late Group Case Presentations All students must read the cases, BUT no written material is required, only the teams need to present Follow the guidelines above for cases in general
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