symptoms of abuse

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Describe the possible signs, symptoms, indicators and behaviors that may cause concern in the context of safeguarding. The responsibility of every practitioner is to safeguard the children under his/her care. Within the definition of safeguarding is also child protection. Protecting the child is very serious responsibility and it means that we must ensure that the child is not a victim of abuse. We can distinguish different kinds of abuse: physical, emotional, sexual abuse or neglect. To notice abused child the practitioner must know possible signs and symptoms visible to eyes or particular patterns of behavior that can be results of abuse. Physical abuse can be spotted on the base of two different kinds of signs. One kind are…show more content…
The last kind of abuse is neglect. The indicators of neglect are any symptoms that may suggest that the child is not taken care of such as dirty or inadequate to age/weather clothing, developmental delays caused by lack of support, interest from the side of carers, repeating skin infections due to poor hygiene, untreated injuries, lack of regular immunizations or being constantly tired or absent/late at the nursery. (Queensland Government Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services, 2011)The child will lack love and affection therefore can look for it when socializing with other people. On the other hand they may be aggressive and have anti-social behaviors as they are usually left on their own. When comes the time to go home, the children may not want to go out from the setting, the place they feel comfortable in. It is very hard to distinguish and recognize actual abuse but as the practitioners we must not be afraid to seek for more information from parents or other specialists. If concerned we should contact to social services to prevent/stop the crime from being committed. It is crucial to keep in head how serious consequences of any kind of abuse are and how disturbing they are on development and future of every child. We must not ignore any symptoms especially if they do not stop with the time. Our one action or referral can change whole life of the child for better. Bibliography: 1. NSPCC Cruelty to children must stop. Full
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