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t: Types of ethical dilemmas Mastery 67% Questions 1 2 3 Materials on the concept: Typical Moral Dilemmas Confronting Business Communicators Ethics and Law for Management Communication Top of Form 1. As part of an effort to hire younger workers, a multinational organization assures applicants that they will get to visit its offices in other countries and work with the employees there. However, only two out of every nine workers actually get selected for such projects. What moral dilemma best fits this scenario? A. unethical company practices B. company allegiances C. outright lies D. cosmetic half-truths Bottom of Form Incorrect : A cosmetic half-truth involves emphasizing a small part of the truth to make it seem more significant…show more content…
Most companies have policies in place detailing how such information can be used. Materials You and Your Employees Top of Form 6. Gabriel's job involves overseeing business correspondence between his company and various governmental agencies. The passage of a certain act made this correspondence available for public scrutiny, and so Gabriel must ensure that all communication satisfies government requirements without divulging valuable company secrets. Which of the following acts made this correspondence available to the public? A. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act B. The Freedom of Information Act C. The Equal Employment Opportunity Act D. The Civil Rights Act Bottom of Form Correct : All business documentation routinely collected by the government may now be available to the public, following the passage of the Freedom of Information Act. Materials You and the Government Concept: Recognizing cultural differences Mastery 67% Questions 7 8 9 Materials on the concept: Understanding the Concept of Culture Developing Cultural Competency Overcoming Ethnocentrism and Stereotyping Contextual Differences Top of Form 7. Which of the following terms refers to a shared system of symbols, beliefs, attitudes, values, expectations, and norms for behavior? A. Demographics B. Commerce C. Persona D. Culture Bottom of Form Correct : Culture is a system of beliefs, attitudes, values, and expectations of behavior that everyone in a particular society

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