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Task 3 for GKE 1 March 25, 2014 Western Governors University Page 2 In 1615 the East India Company acquired its first territory in Bombay, India. The East India Company was a British company that traded for goods, services, and raw materials with India. What initially started as a trading company became a company ruling a country with Brittan’s backing. The company established an army in India comprised mostly of local citizens called Sepoys. With help from the British army and navy, the East India Company fought other European countries also occupying India for control of the region. By 1715 the EIC and Brittan had beaten back the French in the Battle of Plassey. This secured their dominance in India and a…show more content…
In order to end the civil acts of disobedience the British agreed to set all political prisoners free in 1931. This agreement was known as Gandhi-Irwin pact; Lord Irwin was the viceroy of India at the time (History, 2010). Page 4 In 1939 World War II broke out in Europe. Britain proclaimed India’s involvement in the war without consulting the Indian people. This led to increased protest and volatility. In 1942 India established a national army and proposed the Quit India Movement. This movement promised to lend Indian military support to Britain in return for complete independence. If they refused this treaty the Indian people promised civil disobedience. In 1947 India was granted its independence and became self governing (Luscombe, 2012). On January 26, 1950 the Republic of India was proclaimed and it drafted a constitution. The first democratic elections were held in 1952. However the Hindus and Muslims were not united and colonial India was divided into Muslim Pakistan and Hindu India (History, 2010). In contrast to the non-violent Indian revolution the American Revolution was a violent struggle for independence from Britain. The British victory in the French and Indian War left Britain’s resources stretched thin due to the fact that its land holding had increased in size. The war was also expensive and drained the British coffers. In order to remedy this problem American colonist were forced to

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