teacher expectations

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Teachers play a pivotal role in shaping the behaviour and educational success of students and as such they carry a huge responsibility in the classroom. Everything the teacher says or do has a great impact on students’ lives as students depend on the teacher for guidance, for determining acceptable and social behaviour in the classroom and more importantly their learning and academic success. In addition, the role played by the teacher in fostering students learning causes them to exhibit certain attitudes which could have a long lasting negative or positive influence on students. Based on research it was surmised that high teacher expectation mean that the teacher believe that the student is a high-achiever and the dynamics…show more content…
Furthermore, promoting the expression of ideas in a free, non judgmental way in the classroom is of great importance. The way teachers can understand the student’s point of view on various topics and may be the outcome of this can be greater appreciation and understanding. Based on the evidence provided from this concluded research, it can be inferred that positive expectations led to more successful outcomes. Therefore negative or low expectations result in poor levels of success. Hence, the following consequences can be discussed to show how teacher expectations influence students learning in the classroom. When teachers have low expectations of students their learning is negatively impacted and affected in several different ways. The teacher’s and the students’ attitude to their work is wrapped in low motivation, because teachers seem to think that because much is not expected and if the teacher lacks effective strategies for working with such students, then the outcome of success is low then they are less likely to want to teach these students and teach them well. If per chance the student notices the teacher’s attitude towards them then again it doesn’t work well as it is perceived as evidence of their low competence and the drive to perform well is erased. In addition to both teacher and student experiencing low levels of motivation, little to no attention is paid to the
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