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Module 1
Assignment 1
July 15, 2009

Topic: Performance Management
Welcome to Module 1 of the Strategic Leadership Program (SLP)!
If you have not already done so, read the Program Manual located in the Reference
Material Section of the SLP home page. It provides you with important introductory information about the SLP.
Module 1 focuses on performance management, performance measurement, risk management and governance, and financial reporting. Many of these task-related functions assist in a variety of decision-making scenarios. A number of organizational concerns in these topic areas would be centred on the following:
1. Preparing reports on a product or geographic segment to determine where the organization generates cash and
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For this report, only steps 3, 4, 5 and 8 of the Steps for Approaching Business Strategy are required. Do not provide a situational analysis or an implementation plan. An effective report should contain the following:
1. An introduction,
2. Quantitative analysis of issues 1 and 2 and the related alternatives (details provided in appendices and a high-level summary provided in the body of the memorandum),
3. Qualitative analysis of issues 1 and 2 and the related alternatives,
4. Supported recommendations,
5. A conclusion, and
6. Appendices.
The report must be no longer than 750 words and may contain no more than three pages of appendices.*
* Each assignment has length specifications, defined in words and/or pages. Markers will only assess the content within the specified length. See the Format Specifications for Assignments and Board Report document for further information on length limits.
In preparation for the Interactive Session, candidates are encouraged to work on the other issues. Bring a copy of your assessed response, as well as any other work completed on this case, to the Interactive Session where there will be a further activity on the remaining issues of the Fairview National Planetarium case. At the Interactive
Session, candidates will have an opportunity to discuss and share their assignment responses with other candidates in order to learn from one another.
Format Specifications
Refer to the Format

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