teen drug abuse

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More than 60% of teenagers said that drugs were sold, used or kept at their school. Which means more then 60% of children have been around drugs or people who have drugs. What effects could such a thing have on the average canadian family? As defined by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, drug use is a negative pattern of using a substance that leads to a number of problems, which may include needing more of a drug to get intoxicated, difficulties that occur when the effects of the drug wear off (withdrawal), using more of a substance or for longer time than intended, and other life problems because of their use of a drug or drugs. After further reading more about teen drug abuse, it will clearly show the negative…show more content…
As it was said earlier that teen depression is becoming so popular and most of them who are looking for a way out will look for the easiest, quickest and least painful way, the last place any parent would want to see there child is lying on the ground in the bathroom in front of their medicine cabinet.

One of the most asked questions from parents is 'How can we tell if our child has started using '. A lot of feedback from parents is that they didnt know there children were using for days, months or sometimes even years before they found out, and after further researching, it 's clear that it 's not difficult to see when drug use starts but that a lot parents dont see it because of denial. The little girl that i used to push on the swings? That girl would never hang around with those people, she 'd but terrified to have that happen in front of her shiny blue eyes, and she would never ever put drugs in her body. Well in most cases, there wrong. Some symptoms to prove that drugs are being used are; breaking curfew, lying, making excuses, verbal and physical abuse, mood swings, sleepless nights, stealing and changes in friends. All these can be normal teenage mistakes but they can also be the start of a serious drug addiction. What are with all the lighters gone missing in the house? Well the other way to see symptoms is finding drug
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