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     There are several different aspects of playing and improving your tennis game. Different strokes, rules, boundaries and many other aspects make up the game of tennis. Over the next few pages, I will do my best to explain the forehand and backhand stroke, the serve and volley, the rules of tennis, and without a doubt the grandslam.
     The forehand stroke is the most popular in tennis. Stand facing the net, knees slightly bent, weight evenly distributed and forward on the balls of your feet. The racket is held in front of your body, elbows in close and parallel to the ground. The racket is supported with your free hand. From the turn position, the racket goes back until it is
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Volleys hit in front of your body use very little effort and most of the time are winners. Prepare quickly with a compact back-swing. Flex your body and knees to get down to the shot and stay there through the stroke. Move the racquet head smoothly to lift the ball over the net. Let your racquet continue naturally in the direction of the ball. The whole point of the volley is to move your opponent from front to back court. In turn, you will have a better chance of placing the ball as far away from your opponent as possible.There are a few basic rules to playing the game of tennis. Though rules can change a little with singles and doubles match-ups, the rules are for the most part fairly general. The Court shall be a rectangle 78 feet (23.77m.) long and 27 feet (8.23m.) wide. When a combined doubles (see Rule 34) and singles Court with a doubles net is used for singles, the net must be supported to a height of 3 feet 6 inches (1.07m.) by means of two posts, called "singles sticks", which shall be not more than 3 inches (7.5cm.) square or 3 inches (7.5cm.) in diameter. The centers of the singles sticks shall be 3 feet (.914m.) outside the singles Court on each side. For the Doubles Game, the court shall be 36 feet (10.97m.) in width, i.e. 41/2 feet (1.37m.) wider on each side than the Court for the Singles Game, and those portions of the singles side-lines which lie between the two service-lines shall be called the service side-lines. In other respects, the

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