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Understanding Business Research Terms and Concepts Quiz 2, Grunig Match the letter of the answers on the right to the questions on the left. Each answer can be used more than once. Questions AnswersWhich type of research design is appropriate for the following example A company wants to discover if changing from mail advertisements to TV advertising will increase sales at its furniture stores. ____Symmetrical relationship Longitudinal Exploratory Convergent interviewing Cross-sectional study Projective technique Causal Critical incident Descriptive Quota matrix Trend stationary Reactivity response Within-groups Which type of research design is appropriate for the following…show more content…
You plan to draw a sample of 60 students. Which of the following procedures will give you a simple random sample A) You assume that students have been randomly placed in classes, so you choose three classes by random selection and place all of those students in your sample. B) You have a list with the names of all the students on it. You choose one out of the first 10 names at random. Then you choose every nth student name on the list until you have 60 students for your sample. C) Choose the first 60 students that pass through the front door at the beginning of school in the morning. D) Put the name of each classmate in school on a piece of paper and place the pieces of paper in a cardboard box. Next randomly select 60 pieces of paper from the box. E) You randomly choose 10 students from each of
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