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Exam Name___________________________________ MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1) When a customer has a(n) ________ need, the customer might expect something like admiration 1) __E___ from friends because he or she has purchased something that might indicate a certain market savvy. A) stated B) real C) unstated D) delight E) secret 2) Companies address needs by putting forth a(n) ________, a set of benefits that they offer to customers to satisfy their needs. A) demand B) offering C) target market D) value proposition E) brand 2) _______ 3) Automobile manufactures, new car and used car dealers, financing companies, and insurance companies are all…show more content…
A) created mass market B) deregulated C) scientifically segmented D) open-market E) regulated 16) ______ 17) A firm can ________ only in the long run. A) modify advertising expenditures B) reduce its sales-force size C) develop new products D) change its price E) All of the above may be done in the short or long run. 17) ______ 18) The ________ is a long channel stretching from raw materials to components to final products that are carried to final buyers. A) supply chain B) communication channel C) marketing channel D) distribution channel E) service channel 18) ______ 19) ________ activities include those the company undertakes to make the product accessible and available to target customers. A) channel B) consumer behavior C) new-product development D) market segmentation E) marketing research 19) ______ 20) Much of a brand 's strength in consumer markets depends on ________. A) backing the product with engaging communications and reliable service B) creating superior packaging C) developing a superior product D) ensuring the product 's availability E) all of the above 20) ______ 21) Companies that adopt and employ the marketing concept switch from being solely product centered to being more ________ centered. A) marketing B) sales C) strategy D) competency E) customer 21) ______ 22)

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