“the Case for Contamination” by Kwame Anthony Appiah Essay

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Article: “The Case for Contamination” by Kwame Anthony Appiah In “The Case for Contamination” the author Kwame Appiah analyzes and points out the many ways in which the world is becoming globalized. He uses many extensive examples to show that the world is getting ‘contaminated’. By ‘contamination’ he means that the mixture of all the innovative values and traditions are damaging and eventually destroying what our ancestors have left us. In his analysis, he describes the gradual transformation of many cultures and different religions to support his points but in his personal opinion he is very open-minded and is not greatly influenced by his religion. His tone is informative and gives the reader the freedom to decide between…show more content…
Thus, people who are attempting to preserve cultures by denying this right to new opportunities are trapping people in ideals they rather change. Once a culture accepts the innovations that come along with globalization it depends on each community to either completely transform their way of living or keep their traditions. As Appiah notes, “how people respond to these cultural imports depends on their existing cultural context” (Appiah 3) meaning that people interpret the innovations according to their former beliefs and cultures since things might change but their mentality does not. However, in my opinion globalization has more advantages than disadvantages and it is up to each individual to apply those advantages for the best while still following their old traditions. For example, families that are secure and rich usually have the power to control their children in guiding and supporting them throughout their teenage lives. Hence, the younger generations are more open to following their family traditions. However, the families that have issues to support their families by using food stamps or working 3 different jobs usually have less influence and control over their children. Therefore, these children begin to question their families’ core values and traditions and begin to adapt their own new way of life. Nevertheless, religion is something
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