“the City of Ember” Analysis Essay

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“City of Ember” Analysis This essay will explore the movie “City of Ember”. The first time I watched “City of Ember” it was purely for the enjoyment of watching a film with my three young sons. I took little note of the style, texture or structure of the film. However, after having read the text from week one and two and reacquainting myself with the film yesterday I have come to appreciate the film for more than just the family aspect that first drew me to watch. Now I can appreciate the action, fantasy, and sci-fi genres incorporated into the movie as well. “City of Ember” takes place in a future time when the fate of all humankind is endangered by the eminent explosion of the earth. The creators of Ember, or “The Builders” as…show more content…
The second aspect of the film that caught my attention was that the main characters are dressed in flashy colors Lina in a red Cape and Doon in Bright Orange overalls. I had not taken special notice the first time through, but thought better of the subtle addition that easily caught my eye. This director does not shy away from “eye-catchers” like Hitchcock, Boggs &Petrie (2009). Rather this Director uses the “eye-catchers” like Doon’s Orange jump suite and Lina’s Red Cape to keep the attention on them. It appears to me that the film was recorded on smooth grain film. The smooth slick images allow for artistic shading. This is especially noticeable in the scenes with the man-eating insects. The overcastting shadows that are cast off by the enlarged deadly creatures seem to intensify their size and the terror they instill. My favorite scene of this movie is near the end when Doon, Lina and her younger sister make it safely through the winding waterslide that lead them to the docking station. You see them approach what seems like a never-ending staircase that elevated the expectancy of light. The director used slow panning to draw out this anticipation and build up suspense as they slowly walked out of a door into a new world of what they had hoped would be light but was sadly, darkness. Feeling distraught and more lost then ever
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