“the Differences Between Art and Design Lie Not so Much in How They Look as in What They Do” Michael Brady

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“The differences between art and design lie not so much in how they look as in what they do” Michael Brady How far do you agree with this statement? NAME: KWOK MING TSUN (CYRUS) STUDENT ID: KWO09280548 CLASS: 16 TUTOR: MARK UNWIN SUBMIT DATE: 4/11/2009 Since people started to debate the differences between art and design, there have been two different conclusions. For example, if you have an armchair but is only for decoration, would you say it is a piece of furniture or a piece of art? Are they synonyms in their appearance or practical purpose? How would one separate these two closely related objects? Many of those who debate this topic argue that art and design differ in appearance; however, I feel art and design differ in…show more content…
Furthermore, if a design offers no functionality, it would be conveyed as a piece of art. Such as a patterned vase or a classic harp are only decorated. “If a piece of furniture has no function, it could equally be argued that it is not a piece of furniture in the first place” (Banard.M, 2005: pp.173). There is another side to the argument, however. Design can sometimes be considered a piece of art. “It has now reached the stage where ‘artists’ such as Donald Judd are mentioned in the same breath as the ‘designer’ James Dyson and where a piece of furniture can be said to become a piece of art” (Banard.M, 2005: pp.173). Before it became a piece of art, Tracey Emin’s 1999 art installation “My Bed” was merely a piece of furniture for her to sleep. This means something can be a piece of art or a design even though they have the same extend appearance. Furthermore, paintings can usually be found in interior design, besides those painted on the wall, they are same appearance with paintings, which are displayed in a museum. As well as sculpture, the interior designers in the seventeenth century used to put sculpture into their design. For example, the Charlottenburg Palace in Munich, there were full of sculptures decorated on the wall. Given these argument, would one say it is a part of interior design in a museum, or is it a piece of art that separates from the interior design? That is why it is
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