“the Difficulties in Learning Listening Skill of Non-English Major Learners at University of Industry and How to Deal with These Difficulties”.

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1.1. Listening Skill:
Many language learners consider listening ability the measure of knowing a language. As for them, fluency is the ability to converse with others much more than the ability to read, write or comprehend oral language. They regard listening as the most important skill they can acquire. Therefore, if learners do not learn how to listen or do not get any opportunities to listening in the language classroom, they may soon get de-motivated and lose interest in learning other skills. 1.2. Concepts of Listening:
According to Howatt and Dakin (1974), listening is the ability to identify and understand what
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Lack of Vocabulary:
One problem that students encounter in listening comes from their insufficiency of vocabulary. Due to lack of practicing in listening, they are slow to respond to some of the words in listening. When listening they have to stop to think as they meet new words and then they will miss the next information.
“If students do not know the meaning of many of the words that they will encounter in a text, their comprehension of that selection is likely to be compromised”. (John & Shane, 2004:4). Rivers (1983:125) in Nunan (1999:117) has also argued that the acquisition of an adequate vocabulary is essential for successful second language use because, without an extensive vocabulary, we will be unable to use the structure and functions we may have learned for comprehensible communication. During the lesson, students use their own vocabulary and introduced to new words provided by the teachers and classmates. A number of students tried to look up words in bilingual dictionary to find their meanings or definitions when they encounter new words. Moreover, some students may require teachers to give meaning and grammatical function for words that they do not know. Even though students realize the importance of vocabulary when learning listening, most of them learn vocabulary passively. They may even write down new words without any idea of real use of them in context.
2.1.2. Lack of background knowledge: Through my
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