: the Dysfunctional Project Team

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RUNNING HEAD: Behavioral Aspects of the Project Management Paper

Behavioral Aspects of the Project Management Paper: The Dysfunctional Project Team
Lee Jernigan
Lavina Hield
Roderick Robinson
Naomi Brown
The University of Phoenix
Atlanta Campus, Georgia
MGT 573
Project Management in the Business Environment
Dr. Abdel Mahdi Al-Husseini, MBA
July 24, 2004

Workshop # 2
Behavioral Aspects of the Project Management Paper: The Dysfunctional Project Team The Dysfunctional Project Team
This paper will discuss how to make a dysfunctional project team successful. Project managers sometimes go through experiences of great success and dysfunctional failure. Some projects become "behind schedule, over budget, members quit due
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2. Employees are not trusted to complete their task and responsibilities or to make decisions.
3. Previous organizational experiences with empowerment [motivation] have not worked" (para. 1).
Job satisfaction and motivation are to the key to a good organizational culture. Employee uncertainty is a main ingredient to poor project teams and bad organizational culture. People need some type of motivation to remain active during the failure of a project. The secret to any successful project is keeping important key players in place to help aid out the transition to the next project team (Jernigan, L., Hammond, L., and Robinson, T., 2003). Job satisfaction is also a personal need to maintaining a healthy and happy career. This is a major component in the project management transition process. An employer 's job satisfaction program will allow the projects with companies to offer good compensation for people to stay aboard and enable them to provide focus on the tasks at hand. Employees who are happy in their career field tend to stay longer at one job than employees who are not as happy. During the project management transition process a team must focus on job environment and the project to help keep those employees to stay with the project (Jernigan, L., Hammond, L., and Robinson, T., 2003). Motivation is the component of good project management leadership. Good project management leadership focuses on influencing employees who are key

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