“the Effects of Negative Human Interaction on the Environment”

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“The Effects of Negative Human Interaction on the Environment”
This essay will discuss the two prevailing theories regarding the effects that humans have on their environment. One of these theories describes negative human interaction as harmless. The other views them as the main reason for the degradation of our planet. I will define both points of view and lay out the arguments of each. I will finally argue that there is enough evidence to prove that humans are indeed responsible for the decay of our environment.
The first group of experts believes that human interaction with the planet is in no way harmful. They stand on the grounds that the planet will be able to recover from any exploitation man performs on it. Earth has an automatic
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They started burning fossil fuels to convert to energy. They used this energy to make products such as plastics and paper. The production of these products causes gases and waste that end up in the environment. That, combined with the exhaust of fossil fuels, sums up to a lot of harmful substances. Those substances in the atmosphere absorb energy from the sun, causing temperatures to increase. Changes in temperature, even if by the smallest degree, can have a tremendously catastrophic effect on the surrounding environment. Earth is “expected to experience higher temperatures in the future,” which will result in negative effects (Ehrlich 160). The rise in greenhouse gases is a cause of our overproduction of goods to satisfy our wants and needs. Therefore, our creation of products such as plastic and paper has a negative effect on the planet.
The invention of cars has also dramatically increased the amount of greenhouse gases. Automobiles emit a lot of exhaust from the combustion of gasoline. Every time cars accelerate, they burn gas and release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The carbon dioxide accumulates in the atmosphere. The increased carbon dioxide concentration in the air directly increases global temperatures. Automobiles are inefficient machines because they sometimes don’t completely combust gasoline. This adds another harmful and deadly gas into the atmosphere: carbon monoxide. Known as the silent
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