'the Environment Suffers Because Business Has No Ethics'. Discuss

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‘The environment suffers because business has no ethics’ discuss
Business Ethics can be defined as the critical and structured examination of how people & institutions should behave in the commerce world. Furthermore, it particularises the involvement of examining appropriate limitations upon the pursuit of complete self-interest; however, this may also apply for firm profits when the actions of each individual or firm affects others in some form. If the business really has no ethics, it can be concluded that the environment will suffer since the intention of business growth is far greater than environmental responsibility.
Straight on, business has a predicament either to maximise profits for shareholders or to have a moral
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One may be that profits will be reduced, if latest ‘green’ methods of production or waste disposals are always being purchased. Without high profits businesses will be less able to expand and produce higher amount and quality of goods. In many countries, legal protection of the environment is weak and inspection systems are inadequate. There will, as a result, be less risk of legal action and heavy fines against business activity in these countries. Furthermore, in developing countries it is argued that economic development is more important that protecting the environment. Businesses can achieve more 'good' by producing cheaply in these countries that if they were forced to always adopt the 'greenest' production strategy.
Perhaps using an ethical theory such as utilitarianism may offer an explanation for this issue. Classic utilitarianism, the one discovered by Bentham, often interpreted as Act utilitarianism considers ‘greatest good for the greatest number’ for the good of business expansion and the present and long term good for people versus the good for the environment. Considers the majority affected by a certain action – general welfare is important and often seen as good business policy: the general good of the organisation is more important than that of the individual. However, the best business transactions are the ones in which the best result is achieved, when everyone involved has

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