“the Impact of Celebrity Endorsement on a Customer’s Buying Behaviour”

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“The Impact of Celebrity Endorsement On A Customer’s Buying Behaviour”

Reviewing The Literature:
This literature review aims to provide a comprehensive account of the different theories which will provide frameworks for answering market research questions relating to “The impact of celebrity endorsement on a customer’s buying behavior” and using celebrities in advertising and endorsing different products. Various Theories selected within this literature review are those which constitute a core of consumer buying behavior theory in relation with the marketing principles. In particular, the literature is also reviewed which genuinely examines the influence and impact of celebrities in advertising and endorsing various consumer products.
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Advertisements started featuring movie stars like Tabassum (Prestige cookers), Late Jalal Agha (Pan Parag) , Ravi Shastri along with Vivian Richards (Vimal), Sunil Gavaskar (Dinesh Suitings) and the legend Kapil Dev (Palmolive Shaving cream) became common. (Indian MBA, 2008). The trend still continues today with Shahid Kapoor endorsing VIP bags, Abhishek Bachchan promoting Idea cellular, M.S. Dhoni boosting up the sales of Boost energy drink and many more. The famous cricketer Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar endorses everything right from Visa to Adidas, Cannon to music systems and Palio to Pepsi. Whether it is King Khan of Bollywood endorsing Navratan hair oil advert or Radhe of Tere Naam promoting Chlormint, one approving nod of a celebrity face can be transformed into billions for the company. (Meri News, 2009). As surveyed by IPAN-IMRB and related theories conducted considering males and females ageing 16-45 years from the metros, mid sized cities and towns, ‘Shah Rukh Khan’s’ name as a brand ambassador were supported by nearly 17% of the masses. AdEx India, a division of TAM media research has discovered that celebrity endorsement mounted up to 49% in 2007 as compare to the year 2006. Considering the overall accountability of celebrity endorsements, the stars from film industry has increased a huge share of 81% on a condition that a male celebrity should be athletic or ‘Macho’
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