‘the Labour Governments of 1964-1970 Were More Successful Than the Labour Governments of 1974-1979.’ How Far Do You Agree?

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‘The Labour governments of 1964-1970 were more successful than the Labour governments of 1974-1979.’ How far do you agree? Both of the Labour Governments had some great successes, for instance, the 1964-1970 Labour government won the 1966 election with a majority of 100 seats. The Labour government of 1974-1979 did not win the election with a majority but managed to reduce inflation in 1978 from 15% to 8% which was a very large success as inflation had been a problem for a long time. Just from looking at the two governments you assume that the 1964-1970 labour government was more successful than the 1974-1979 labour government because they were in power for longer, and they won with a much larger majority of seats in the elections.…show more content…
In 1976 Wilson retired and Callaghan took over his role as Prime Minister despite the fact that Wilson had managed to win both of the elections in 1974 (The February and October elections). Wilson’s government managed to win the 1964 election after 13 years of the opposition being in power, he decided to do something new and present himself as an average Yorkshire man, and he even changed his first name to Harold as it sounds more working class. The people wanted something new and this is what Wilson presented them with. The 1964 election was won with a majority of thirteen seats, and in 1966 Labour won with a majority 110 seats. That was a vast improvement from the 1964 election. The Labour government of 1974-1979 also won two elections, the 1974 February election and the 1974 October election, however both were won by a minority. The February election was won by 4 seats and the October election was won by 42 seats. The reason for the slim win is to do with inflation. The Labour governments of 1974-1979 were in office at a bad time because Britain had started to suffer from huge inflation because of the oil price rise in 1973, and so voters didn’t have a clear decision on which they were going to vote for. This shows that at the moment the 1964-1970 Labour Government was more successful by far because of their majority of 110 seats in the 1966 election. In 1967 the Labour Government of 1964-1970 was forced to devalue the pound.

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