Essay on “the Lamp at Noon” and “to Kill a Mocking Bird”

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Both “The Lamp at Noon” and “To Kill a Mocking Bird” are texts. The former is a short story while the latter is a novel. One might think those two works are mostly dissimilar for they are very different stories. “The Lamp at Noon” is about Paul, Ellen and their baby, who live on the grass lands and suffer from dust storm. Actually Paul wants to stay while Ellen wants to move to town. On the other hand, “То Kill the Mocking Bird” says about Atticus and his kids who live in Maycomb. Atticus is a lawyer and he tries his best to defend black man named Tom Robinson. However, if one further compares them can be see there are both differences and similarities between these two in term of writing techniques, characters and themes. There are…show more content…
They both have unreachable goals. The former tried to prove innocence of black man in 1930s; however, the latter wants to restore his land after the dust storm. But Atticus understands that it is impossible, he is realistic whlie Paul is too optimistic that he believes that the dust storm will stop and their life will improve. He said “So still now, and a red sky-it mean tomorrow will be fine” (72) it show that Paul is really optimistic. Next, Atticus is a very empathetic and kind person but Paul is different. He does not listen to his wife and as a result their baby dies. Furthermore, Atticus is a single man who has to both does his work and brings up his two children, but Paul who has a wife and a little baby is not really taking care about his child. So it shows that Atticus is a more responsible father while Paul is not. And they both sacrifice more than themselves to reach their goals. Paul is too taking care of his farm during his whole life and he doesn't care about his clorhes very much and he has no friends at all. His family can be broken. Atticus sacrifices his own and also his children's reputation. One can see differences and similarities between Atticus and Paul. Lastly, in term of themes there are differences and similarities. In both texts one can see theme, empathy. In “the Lamp at Noon” Paul does not empathize with his wife, Ellen, and as a result their baby dies. While Atticus is different, he looks for

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