‘the Separation of Powers Hinders Effective Government in the Usa!’ Do You Agree?

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The separation of powers is a theory of government whereby political power is distributed among three branches of government; the legislature, the executive and the judiciary. The doctrine of the separation of powers embodies three basic principles; limited government, which means that the government’s power over its citizens is limited by the Bill of Rights. Secondly is the separation of personnel, meaning that no one person can hold office in separate branches of the government at the same time. And lastly, each branch of government keeps a watch over the other branches of government and in some cases can overrule it to prevent them from becoming too powerful. Neustadt (1960) wrote that rather it being a government with ‘separated…show more content…
Firstly, he nominates all federal judges to the trial court, appeal court and Supreme Court. The appeal and Supreme court being the most important two. President George W. Bush made two appointments to the Supreme Court – John Roberts as chief justice in 2005, and Samuel Alito as an associate judge in 2006. By choosing justices whose judicial philosophy matches their own, presidents can hope to mould the outlook of the Court for many years after. It can be argued that the election of these should have been down to a rather more democratic public vote, as it will inevitably be the citizens who will be largely effected by the appointment of these judges. The second is the power of pardon. This is used in times of controversy. In 1974, President Ford pardoned his predecessor, President Nixon, for the crimes that he committed in the ‘Watergate affair’. On the last day of his presidency, President Clinton pardoned 140 people, including Mark Rich, who was a notorious tax fugitive. In contrast, President George W. Bush pardoned only 189 people in 8 years. This supports an effective government as it removes any members of Congress who may be corrupt and not doing their jobs properly. Congress has the significant power of ‘power of the purse’, which means that all of the money that the president wants to spend on his policies must be voted for by Congress. If they refuse to vote then it brings to a halt what the president was planning to do. In 2007, the Democrat

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