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The beach 1.     people - Richard: a british traveller, who comes to Bangkok and gets a map to a secret hidden beach. He has seen every movie about Vietnam, and he sometimes believes being there. He also is addicted to video games. - Daffy Duck: the man who gives Rich the map; he had been on the beach before and had left it for some reason. After his death, he often appears in Richs daydreams. He always speaks about Vietnam, and he knows everything before it happens. - Etienne and Françoise: a french couple that Rich meets in Bangkok. He shows them the map, and together they go to the beach. - Zeph and Sammy: two Americans who are given a map of the beach by Rich. - Sal and Bugs: Sal's the leader of the…show more content…
There, Jed buys the rice while Rich is hanging around. When they meet again to take the rice back to the beach, Jed tells Rich that he heard two Americans talking to some german people about a map to the beach, and that they were using Richs name. Rich is alarmed: this must be Zeph and Sammy! Some days later, Sal asks Rich to join Jed on his journeys on the island, because there are some other people on the next island. Luckily, she doesn't know that Rich knows them. So Rich doesn't see his other friends anymore, because he is always out on the island, and he becomes very lonely. Jed and he start to play games, they pretend being in Vietnam while they are watching the people on the other island. One day, as they get back to the camp, everything is in a mess because Keaty had catched a dead squid and they had all eaten of it. In the camp, there had also been an argument between Bugs and Keaty. Bugs had hit Keaty, and the others had taken the part for one of them, so the camp is now divided in two parts. At the same time, the people on the other island are coming over to the beach island on a raft they had built. Jed is looking after the sick people in the camp, and Rich has to watch what's going on with the rafters. So, from now on, he's out alone all day, smoking grass and talking to his imaginary friend mister Duck. Sal, who is worried about the troubles in the camp, talks to them about the Tet festival, which marks

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