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In “The Black Death” the author Phillip Ziegler attempts to fully describe the Plague that struck Europe in 1338 and remained until 1665. The year of the great Plague of London Ziegler tries to give an unbiased account of the Plague by compiling information from contradictory sources. Ziegler begins the book with the Tartans catapulting diseased corpses into Genoese as the Genoese escape back to Europe. Following this, the author provides some insight into the Plague in Italy, Germany, and France, in which he highlights the persecution of Jews, who became the scapegoat for the Plague in Germany. The majority of the book discusses the Plague in England, dealing with the people that died.
     Ziegler doesn’t argue
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This section is crucial for the reader’s understanding of the plague. Ziegler very accurately depicts the plagues origin and the uncertainty that surrounds it.
     The following few chapters discuss countries such as Italy, France, and Germany. This is a prelude to the many chapters on England that follow. However, the majority of the book deals with England, because England has the best documentation. The author presents all sides of issues such as the number of casualties, how the church was affected and what happened to wages and price levels, and draws reasonable conclusions.
      The author also focuses on really appealing to human emotions. What chapter also deals with what it would be like to live in a village before and after it was ravaged by the plague. Ziegler’s intention is to put the statistics into human terms. He appeals the human condition by producing eyewitness accounts. For example, Boccaccio’s descript of it. The Decameron is a compelling first hand account, which Ziegler assesses in his book. Ziegler is careful to weigh theses accounts with those oh historians.
     Ziegler provides a compelling account of the plague that pulverized Europe in 1338. A review written by Wickengee, entitled “A Caution Reason”, Pardemico claims, “Ziegler has provided an

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