the different between saudi wedding and american wedding Essay

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Iyad Alsulaiman Customs and Traditions are Part of a Country Character A country without traditions is a poor country! It’s important for every country to have it’s special customs and traditions. One of the conventional customs is wedding. Every country has its own classic way of wedding but in some countries the traditional wedding is usually the same. America and Saudi Arabia are big countries with unique customs and traditions. The difference between a Saudi wedding and an American wedding is like the difference between moonlight and sunlight. The wedding is an important event for all cultures. American culture and Saudi culture are different in preparation for the wedding, ceremony, and after the wedding.…show more content…
Furthermore, some American weddings take place in church, so brides have to rent the church for the day of the wedding but they don’t have too much to prepare for. Nevertheless, some American brides choose their ceremony to take place far from home, so it will be easy transition to a honeymoon; most of these people do it in Las Vegas or New York City. However, in Saudi culture the whole wedding usually happens in the bride’s city. Saudis don’t like their wedding to take place far from home since they want to take advantage of being close to the halls and have all their family and friends there. Finally, Americans and Saudis have different ways of preparing the wedding American and Saudi cultures have different ways of ceremony and reception. First, in Saudi culture men and women are separate. In addition, the men celebration is different from one family to another. In some families men just get in groups and have conversation. The bride’s siblings usually walk around the place to talk with their friends but the father of the bride and the groom sit in the front to welcome visitors. After everyone arrives in, they go to the dining room to have their dinner, and the husband gets with his family and the wife’s family in one table. In another type of ceremony, the men celebrate by bringing a band and dancing. Also, there are different types of dances but receptions are
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