the high cost of low prices

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The High Cost of Low Prices
The activist Robert Greenwald produced a documentary named Wal-Mart: High Cost of Low Prices to enlighten Americans of the effects this major company has on society. In this documentary, Greenwald interviews former employees from different ranks. Greenwald also uses crime rate statistics to demonstrate the lack of surveillance in the parking lot of the store. The producer also interviews the Chinese factory workers who are exploited in China. He also points out facts of the lack of healthcare and this company’s effects on society. The main purpose of this documentary was to show Americans why they get low prices at Wal-Mart. These low prices are available to people after many others have
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This company costs taxpayers 1.4 billion a year, and is projected to cost $9.1 billion over the next five years. This means taxes will raise and our wages will continue to be the same. Women will continues to earn 23% less than men and they will as a result have to pay more taxes. When Wal-Mart moves into a community, every worker’s wage declines by 5 %. As a major corporation, Wal-Mart sets standards for other companies or corporations. This means that if Wal-Mart sets low wage standard then other companies will do the same. Every worker’s wage would decline while the standard of living would increase.
Wal-Mart seeks to reduce the cost of productivity by outsourcing factories to third world countries. As the number of companies that are outsourced increase, the unemployment rate in the US increases. I believe that this company should be investigated and laws should be enforced to prevent the increase of unemployment rate. I also think people should abstain from shopping at Wal-Mart because we are really shopping for unemployment. Laws should be enforced to decrease discrimination in the company. The monopolization of Wal-Mart affects everyone and me most of all. I am a Hispanic woman who will be discriminated against if I were to ever apply for a position at Wal Mart. As unemployment increases the probability I have to gain a high paying job decrease. If Wal-Mart
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