the honest company

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What’s the Honest Company ? The Honest Company (sometimes Honest) is a consumer goods company, co-founded by Jessica Alba, that emphasizes non-toxic household products to supply the marketplace for ethical consumerism. The company is projected to do $150 million in 2014 sales and had an anticipated valuation of $1 billion as of November 2014. The company has raised multiple rounds of venture capital and anticipates an initial public offering in the near future. Honest serves the United States and Canada and is making plans to serve England, Australia and China in the near future. 2013 sales were $50 million. As of November 2014, the company had 275 employees and was projected to do $150 million in sales. 80% of its sales were online…show more content…
Service Matters The company know exceptional service is important, and they intend to go above and beyond, and way over the top. Honest company believe that a deeper level of trust can be built with incredible service. And knowing when to say "sorry", dedicate to making it right...all with a super big smile. Sustain Life The company believe if you can make an amazing product without harming people or the planet, you should (and they believe they can). They feel tremendous responsibility to this planet we call home. Honest is serious about being honest stewards of the natural environment and protectors of the (little) people. Therefore, they seek to inspire new solutions, reduce our collective impact, cause no unnecessary harm, and make products that are as non-toxic and healthy as possible. Be Accessible The company strive to make their products as affordable as possible. And what's more convenient than having it shipped right to your door? Tthey want every family to have the opportunity to be a part of The Honest Company experience. Pay it Forward They are committed to both individual and corporate social responsibility – taking selfless actions that benefit others. This includes charitable partnerships, working with advocates on promoting policy changes that better protect our children and planet, and supporting the efforts of our employees with paid community service days and direct matches of non-profit donations. Fun The company is
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