the life of a field slave VS the house Slave

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The Life of a Field Slave VS the House Slave

Slavery was a ruthless and dreadful way of life for all slaves. Yet there were differences in rank between slaves. Minor class slaves were “field slaves”. Superior class slaves were “house slaves”. The daily routines of these slaves differed to a great extent. Field slaves only function was production. Their duties were to plant and cultivate the crops, clear the land, flame the undergrowth, roll the wood, split rails, transport water, restore fences, spread fertilizer, and break the soil. Working since sunrise to sunset was purely and analogy for slave labor, they regularly worked before sunrise and considerably past dusk. A house slave every day routine incorporated
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Any time one group thought that another group was getting something that they weren’t getting tensions often rise. The field slaves were mindful of the better treatment such as the cultural and travel opportunities, and educational opportunities that house slaves received. This normally caused tension with field slaves and house slaves because field slaves felt it was biased.
According to some African literature books the classification of these two classes were created base on physical appearance and skin color. The more the skin completion of the slave favor the master the likely it would be for this slave to be a house slave, and the darker skin complexion of the slave would classify them to be a field slave. History show that slavery on those ranks was in both genders it wasn’t a sense of discrimination against the slave. After all slaves were treated equally, it was a way that the institution was design to control the slave.
Overall slavery was about the same for both of those classes when viewing it in labor and suffering ways. Both the field slave and the house slave were treated on very inhuman ways. Anybody who loses their dignity and freedom will feel like they would have nothing to live
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