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The Natural Mystic
     Long-time friend of legend Bob Marley, Lee Jaffee, once wrote of him saying, “Around Bob, you felt very in-touch with the miraculous” (Scaggs). For Robert Nesta Marley was more than a musical star, he was a lover, a fighter, a Rasta, an ordinary man, a poet. When trying to evaluate whether or not an artist is the most significant of an era, one must consider the quality and timelessness of their music, the power of their performance, and of course, the substance behind their character. In examining his life ands music, the power of Bob Marley’s music, performance and character are heroic in nature. He is composed of sadness, love, understanding and God-given talent and he left behind the
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Bob Marley put everything he had into his music and it shows more than any song than can be heard on the radio.
Contrasting most of today’s pop stars, Bob was concerned with so much more than entertainment, money or fame when creating his music. Most musicians sell-out to big-time record labels for five-year contracts making music that is “popular” or supposedly what the people want to hear, so that they can be heard and make some quick money (Steffens). Any talent they may have had is put into poorly written music with hollow, pointless lyrics. They create the songs heard on the radio everyday, over and over, that show little flair or originality. No one really wants to hear the same thing repeatedly, and Bob created music with a fresh sound and beautiful lyrics that have intense meaning. He saw his music as an outlet for his message of Rastafari, for “music raises the soul of man even higher that the so-called external form of religion… that is why in ancient times the greatest prophets were musicians” (Steffens). Marley’s true legacy lies in the roots of the Rastafarian religion and his music demonstrates a sense of spirituality and soul, communicating his ultimate message of love and only love (Scaggs). Whether he is speaking of the hardships of life as in his song Night Shift, “Right around the corner, bring your goods. Go around the other corner, bring your suitcases, by the sweat of my brow” (Peake), the trials of love in No Woman, No Cry, “My feet is

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