the poem "Wasted on the Old"

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The Road Not Taken: the pathway for free living I wonder how people became more far apart from the real world as time passed, and forgot the valuable asspects of life? Yet wouldn’t it be better if people were not being pushed and directed by the society and media and stop making poor desiciosns? The poem “Wasted on the Old” written by Mary di Michele is trying to give the message that the society is becoming more and more boring and uncomfortable; also most people in the society are becoming less unique and different by following the media and society. She has represented her message through the perspective of two girl best friends that communicate with each other and talk about the world they are in. Mary di Michele has used different…show more content…
The images in Mary di Michele’s poem are very effective in the way of demostrating her idea of being unique and special in a boring society and there are some very worthy images that could be mentioned. So, because the society is getting older and more boring in a dark way, as an illustration, the girls in the poem compare the society to an apple which is fermenting as it’s getting darker that fewer people would want to “have” it or as society “live” in it and the girls used the quote “exude a vinegary smell”. As I interpret this quote, the apple is like the society that gets darker interms of people’s behaviour, which makes the girls feel sorry for themselves for being part of this society. Even though the society is losing its glories, still some people follow its routine. Also due to another image that could certify Mary di Michele’s point, that is the girls are tired of even the impulsive people in that society and can’t handle their foolish actions. Another example of the images is when Mary di Michele uses these quotes: first “sotto voce gossip”, second “even ice water swears/ in pitchers in the fridge” and also third “the same books under bug lanterns”. These have the same meaning and will bring up the point in overall, they all are the reasons that the best friends want to leave and not to be a part of this world, because the people in society gossip behind
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