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The Relationship Closeness Inventory: Assessing the Closeness of Interpersonal Relationships Ellen Berscheid and Mark Snyder University of Minnesota Allen M. Ornoto University of Kansas This article describes the development of the Relationship ClosenessInventory (RCI), which draws on the conceptualization of closeness as high interdependence between two people's activities proposed by Kelley et al. (1983). The current "closest" relationship of individuals (N = 241) drawn from the collegestudent population servedas the basis for RCI development,with the closestrelationship found to encompass severalrelationship types, including romantic, friend, and family relationships. The development and psychometric properties of the three…show more content…
O n faith in that assumption, we attempted to devise an instrument for assessing relationship closeness with the following characteristics: 1. It should focus on the I st three properties of interaction highlighted by Kelley et al. (1983): frequency, diversity, and strength. (The property o f duration poses special problems, which are discussed shortly.) In the absence o f an omniscient observer to record the actual interaction chain of events, how one assesses these properties is necessarily somewhat arbitrary. Nevertheless, we believed that however the assessment was to be made, it should at least attempt to reflect the individual flavor o f each o f these properties of interdependence separately. We assumed that although each of these properties may be an indicator of closeness, they need not be, and probably are not, strongly correlated across all o f a person's relationships or across all relationship types. Thus, the closeness measure should be composed o f several separate subindexes o f closeness, each a reflection o f one o f the three properties specified. 2. These individual indicators o f closeness should be assessed in a way that permits an overall, or summary, index o f closeness to be made for each relationship examined. 3. The m a n n e r o f assessing these indicators o f closeness should not be strongly tied to any one relationship type (e.g., romantic relationships or friendships) and should not be predicated on any
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