the road book vs movie

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The Road
The Road was both a phenomenal book and film. While reading The Road I was both intrigued and interested as to how Hollywood would portray this story, and after seeing the movie I was impressed with how closely the film followed the book. Though the book was enticing and unusual the movie quickly surpassed the book in my opinion. Though the movie followed the book closely, there were some differences such as the amount of flashbacks the father has, the illusion of hope, and the play out of certain events.
A long time has passed since the idea that “The book is better than the movie” was accepted without question. Most of the time, if the movies follow an original script and there is no book version to
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All in all, the movie followed the book closely, however there were still some differences. I liked how the movie was be able to include the most important events and was impressed with how well it was being able to be portrayed. The story is still great and I was happy that there was not a major focus on the cannibals and their presence in the world. Also, the casting is perfect and the acting of a very high order. It was amazing. Viggo sold me at the last moment with that weak, hopeless declaration, "We will survive this". He sounded so beat down and so lost that my heart skipped a beat. A lot of times Hollywood is unable to really capture the author’s initial ideas, but I feel in this movie Hollywood hit the nail on the head and captured just Cormac McCarthy was trying to portray.
After reading a book and watching a movie, I realized humans think we are kings of the world, that our hold on this planet is eternal. But it's not true. There are many catastrophes, man-made and otherwise, that could befall us and wipe us from the face of the Earth. The Earth would eventually recover. Humans won't get that chance. One of the lessons of The Road is that we need to protect both our environment and our sense of
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