Essay on the significance of the lemon law act

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It happens many times. A person finds the car of their dreams. They drive it around for a few weeks when it happens. The car will not start, it makes a funny noise, or the breaks just will not do anything while stepping onto the pedal. Does the person have to pay for the repairs all by themselves? And if so, what happens when the exact same problem happens more than 3 times? It is just not fair to pay all this money on your brand new affordable car. But, one should not worry. There is a solution to all these annoying questions one just does not know how to answer. This is how the Magnuson –Moss warranty act comes into this situation. The “lemon law” is a subdivision of this act. The Magnuson-Moss warranty act, when tied with the ‘lemon …show more content…
It involves more serious things, which can not be repaired within 3 repairs. Autopedia explained that for any serious safety defect, such as brakes or steering, the manufacturer has one attempt. If it is a safety but not serious, they have 2 attempts. And for any other defect, they usually receive 3 or 4 chances to repair. The repairs may not be a result of abuse, neglect or unauthorized modifications or alterations. The cases must be given to the manufacturer, and they must have responded to your complaint and rendered a decision within 40 days. The terms apply within the express warranty or the first year of ownership from date of delivery, which ever comes first. Another way also is within the first 12-24 months or 24,000 miles. If miles have been put on, the manufacturer may decide to use reduction. In order to do this, they use the following equation:
Miles at time of refund x the purchase price

This equation was found on both the Cartalk and the Autopedia sites. Another point that a consumer may argue, is about the miles put on in between the repairs. However, the majority of times, it does not work. In events of strike, war or natural disaster that prevent repairs, lemon laws will not help a person with any car
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