theories on crime comparison

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Theories on Crime Comparison AJS 542 October 14, 2013 Professor Packer Theories on Crime Comparison Every individual is different from the next. The same goes for crime. Society recognizes the multiple types of crimes that exist in society because of this, theorists identify different levels why these crimes exist. This paper will provide information on sociological theory including the relationship between personality and criminal behavior according to sociological theory. Also, this paper will provide a comparison on each key elements on sociological theory, biological theory, and psychological theory. In addition, the paper will allow each reader to understand the philosophical basis for each…show more content…
Max Weber (1864–1920) argued that who has power was determined not only by social class and control of material resources, but also by—among others—social status and organizational power. These social resources draw their power from people's willingness to obey the authority of another person, which is in turn based on their perception of the legitimacy of that person's right to rule (Witt, 2009, p. 1). Biological Theory Biological theory studies the science of the brain and genetics to identify any links between biological factors and criminal activity. Cherry (2013) states, “One of the best known biological theorists was Hans Eysenck, who linked aspects of personality to biological processes. Eysenck argued that introverts had high cortical arousal, leading them to avoid stimulation. On the other hand, Eysenck believed extroverts had low cortical arousal, causing them to seek out stimulating experiences” (p. 1). An individuals with an introvert personality often shows signs of shyness and lacks confidence, whereas an extrovert is outgoing and confident. Psychological theory Key elements to psychological theory consist of mental health, hormones, and even neurological issues. When one finds he or she has a mental health problems it causes an imbalancement in the brain that can cause one to commit a crime without the knowledge of the wrong-doing. Hormone imbalancements can cause similar problems. Many imbalancements in the body can
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