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D6T thermal sensor and People Counting Algorithm

In this thesis work, a new indoor people counting algorithm is created by using Omron D-6T thermal sensor and Raspberry Pi. The sensor periodically generate thermal map of heat emitted in its field of view which is a one dimension array and pass the array to Raspberry for further processing. The people counting algorithm is created in Raspberry Pi by processing thermal map generated by D6T. After processing the number of people indoor is obtained. This chapter presents the hardware structure used including D6T thermal sensor and Raspberry Pi, moreover the people counting algorithm is discussed in detail.

D6T thermal sensor

D6T is a new product which is designed by Omron and
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The devices connected with I2C bus are either master nodes or slave nodes. The master node generates the clock and initiates communication with slaves while the slave node receives clock signal and give a response to the master when its address is requested. It is necessary to stress that I2C bus is a multi-master bus which means any number of master nodes can be attached. Usually a bus device operates in one or two modes of four modes operation which are master transmit, master receive, slave transmit and slave receive. Initially the master starts master transmit mode by sending a start bit followed by the address of the slave it wished to communicate with, after this a command would be sent and tells the slave whether it would write or read from the slave. If the slave exists on the bus and it will shake hands with master by sending an ACK bit (active low for acknowledged).

Start Condition
Repeat Start Condition
Stop Condition
Acknowledge reply
No-acknowledge reply

Figure 4. Signal chart of D6T thermal sensor

Figure 4 is signal chart of Omron D6T thermal sensor. It starts operation by sending “S”, followed by the address. After receiving “ACK”, it sends a read command and receives an “ACK” as well. Afterwards, “Sr” is sent and after another “ACK” is received, the master
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