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Major Perspectives of sociology Three major Perspectives 4/26/2013 Brianna Slaton The Three Sociological Perspectives In today’s society many people may look at society in different ways. What you see and what I say may be totally different. You may present something in a different way than I would. Though we approach a topic differently does not mean we are wrong or right. This is just how society as a whole works. It has been this way in the past and is still present now and will be in the future. A sociologist is one of the people who do this and this is what they have worked on their whole life. They have worked to prove their point and get people to understand their point of view. One sociologist may see the…show more content…
Durkheim and Parsons viewed society as expected and constructive. The most important thing in the Functionalist Perspective is that of stability (Schaefer & Lamm). The Conflict Perspective says that social behavior is understood in terms of conflict or tension between two different groups in society (Schafer & Lamm, 1998). Unlike Functionalist Perspective who view society as stable and having that of stability, Conflict Perspective view society as being a constant struggle where there is no stability. This conflict is not just being violent toward one another but anything that might cause confusion and or tension. This could be a disagreement or argument that can be worked out buy as simple as just talking (Platt, 1999). This perspective is made up by that of Karl Marx and W.E.B .Dubois. Karl Marx introduced the subject in this view that deals with society being in constant conflict, because that of society predictability of conflict based on the oppressed people as a result of capitalism. It is through Karl Marx study that many sociologists apply the Conflict Theory to every aspect in society. Marxist own theory is similar and have many things that agree with the Conflict Theory there are not at all the same. When looking at the Conflict Perspective it is important that sociologist look at society through the eyes of the people that don’t determine the norms of the society but the population the “nobodies” or “poor”. W.E.B. Dubois
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