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HOW ARE YOU GOING TO DESCRIBE THE WORLD TO BLIND CHILD SINCE BIRTH? Its kind a heart, coz the blind person haven’t seen anything to compare. Its kind a hard, but the only thing I’m going to tell him, so as not to hurt their feelings, there are lots of things in the world that’s worth seeing, the beauty there is also, but much of that, there are also other things that I’d rather want to be blind and not see it, all over the world there are lots of sad and tragic doings, heinous crimes, it’s not something that I want to see how someone can do that bad to some other people.
STRUCTURE CLASSIFICATION TOWER- A tower is a tall structure, usually taller than it is wide, often by a significant margin. Towers
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7. Chance of getting on top of the world – especially for the woman like miss world you won’t have a freedom to continue your career.
8. You’re money becomes “our” money - everything you own belongs to her/him and vice versa.
9. Possibility of passing on the genes –if you wed to someone who has history of deadly illness there is a probability of child being affected.
10. Raising kids – you must learn how to be a good parents that you do not know when you were single.
1. I love my parents – My parents loved me when I was young. They supported me to grow up as a good human being. My parents help me to know God and love.
2. If my parents are already old I would help them financially and morally- My parents are only one whoever I met to be my friends whoever I wed to be my partner, all of them they won’[t change the place of my parents in my heart. Friends, Husband will come and go but my parents won’t leave me. My parents advice me when I was a kid if they are already old I would advice them and be patience for them.
3. I respect my parents as I respect my self- My parents thought me to respect people as they respect me. If I have kids they will respect me because I respect my parents. FLASHBACK – Every time I see myself now that I am about to deliver again this second baby I remember the time when I deliver my first baby and I feel a little
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