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Chloe Biron Expos 1 Practicum Paper II Summery Strong Response Racism and White Denial In Tim Wise’s article he talks about “typical white denial”. He addresses the differences between facts and stereotypes according to race. He does this in a straight forward kind of way by using very blunt and to the point sentences. He then goes on to back up his claim that white denial does exists. He does this by stating reliable experiment results that illustrated Whites negative outlook on Blacks whether they are facts or just simply stereotypes. Even though these negative thoughts about Blacks could have been subconscious or acknowledged, the media soaks it up and portrays Blacks as being poor and drug dealers. However Wise goes on to prove…show more content…
By pretending to be colorblind, you are not helping the issue. You are only making it worse. If you do not talk about it and have those uncomfortable conversations that make you truly realize that deep down everyone is a little bit racist just by thinking they are not, then nothing will ever change. You have to stand up for how you feel and speak your opinion. Thats what I have learned from my personal experience. I could have made it easier on my sister by standing up for her and being on her side, yet I just stayed out because I didn’t know what to think. I never knew what to think and not I have a solid belief that yes, everyone is a bit racist, but when you believe in your values then fight for them. That is the first step. Acting like it is not an issue is not the answer. I don’t think there is any real solution other than time and be a living example for others to follow
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