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To Vote or Not to Vote, Is That Really a Question?
     Are students properly informed in political areas? The question abounds while adults worry about weather students will vote for political views or weather they just agree with Bruce Springsteen. Astin says that “A democracy works only to the extent that the voter is well informed”(Astin 97). Astin believes that the only way to have a properly functioning democracy is to have informed voters. This is the question of the day, why people vote, weather its for actual political views or for the sole purpose of agreeing with someone else.
     For the most part students that want to know about political views are fully aware of the goings
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     Another problem with today’s elections is the candidates. While I’m, not saying that this ever was the case, neither of the candidates’ people look at In this election are just great men. Both of the men have made mistakes, and have poor records, weather its Kerry’s war protests or Bush’s poor reasons to go to war. The problem is that in today’s media the voter doesn’t hear everything they need to know about the issues, because as Astin knows all too well “Negative campaigning rules”(Astin 96). In today’s elections its not a battle of who has the political opinions that match the voters’, but who has lead a less malignant lifestyle. Presidential elections should be about the issues, while Bush’s war in Iraq seems to be all a load of crap that he initiated for cash, and he supposedly has so many monetary ties with the Bin Laden family, yes I’ve seen Fahrenheit 9/11 and Michael Moore has created an atrocity that rotted every cell within my brain. I believe the war was a good thing, if nothing else to keep terrorists off of American soil. The terrorists that threaten America weren’t just going to take a break and wait for us to respond, we needed to take action, and Bush took action. While people say he had improper motives I think he had a good one, and that was keep them

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