toilet paper outline

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____Eric J. Becker_____ ____The History of Heinie Hygiene_____ I. INTRODUCTION A. (attention grabber): What do you think all of these items have in common? (Asked while displaying different types of historical butt wipes) The answer is they all were at some point in time used to wipe one’s backside. B. (thematic statement): Today I will be talking to you about the history of toilet paper. C. (establish significance/cediblity): A study by Patrick A. Tollefsrud of the University of St. Thomas shows that today there are over 5,000 different companies producing bathroom tissue around the world ( The same study shows that there is a daily production of over…show more content…
(main point #3)The future of Heinie Hygiene a. According to Tim Prosser TP might be knitted at the molecular level using nanotechnology, this material will have antibacterial properties not unlike some pens and children’s toys we see today.( b. A future without toilet paper! The S400 is a toilet made in Japan and is completely paper free. Touching a wall-mounted console causes a wand to emerge from beneath the pre-heated seat, from which a warm, pulsating spray gently and effectively cleans the designated area including a “front” function to get the ladies so very, very clean. Next, the dryer function kicks in and the user will enjoy a rush of air warmed to your choice of three temperature settings. They even built in a fail safe for those of us accused of leaving the seat up, a tiny sensor embedded in the seat automatically raises the lid whenever a human of either sex looms within range; then gracefully lowers it again. The future will be great, it will be like the Silvester Stalone movie, Judge Dread, with the three sea shells. III. CONCLUSION A. (review of main points): We have gone from stick, rock, stick with sponges… to what we all use today, to someday possibly not even
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