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MGMT 3000

Wallingford Bowling Center is facing low profit performance after four years in business. This reduced in profit is due to many factors. As we have seen , wallingford is not operating in full capacity for most days of the week but it is still open for twenty four hours regardless of its operation. The net income is 2.38 percent of he total revenue generated and it shows that operation cost is very high. Having the above mentioned problems and more, wallingford can not have a good future unless there is immediate solution for The major challenge the center faces which is maximizing the capacity and also sales. As it is described in the chapter, the decision making process includes six
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4, motivate customers to come by offering incentives such as reduced rate during slow time:- incentives always attracts people. So, giving incentive will help the center get customers in the time whene it is normally slow.
5, To use those extra rooms to generate income by using as a social event and many more:- by hosting some social events and parties and many more activities we can use those extra rooms to generate incomes.
4, Making the Choice * After considering the possible consequences of our options, we will make decision on which alternative would be the best for the problem we face.
= As the profit is already down. It is very hard for the center to pay for any operational cost or else. So, among all the alternative mentioned above, the first alternative “To close the business in the time when business is low :- which helps us reduce the cost of operations , utilities, payroll, supplies and some more account and increase the profit .” looks much better alternative.

5, Implementing the Decision * After we chose our alternative, the chosen alternative must be implemented
= The center is going to close in those time where the business is too low.

6, Evaluating Decision * Here is the final stage of decision-making process which involves collecting information on how well the decision is working.

As a General Manager of the company, I beleive in group decision because it has many advantages like:-

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