Essay on transgenic animals

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Transgenic Animals Much speculation exists regarding the ever-broadening technology of creating Transgenic Animals and their theorised suffering sparking a social, ethical and economic debate over cost factors of the research and development versus ultimate benefit to science aiding the benefit of our Society. Though one could persuasively argue for the benefits or risks of this process, this essay will demonstrate the future and present benefits and risks (ethical, social and economic) of this gene technology and evaluate how these advantages and disadvantages take part in human everyday life. Clinton and Richmond’s (2009) publication defines Transgenic Animals as those animals that have had their genome altered deliberately to help…show more content…
The writer has determined whether the transgenic experiments referred in Table 1, Appendix 2 are ethical by weighing the benefit of the particular experiment to society against any detriment to the animal. In the author’s view there are only a few clear cut examples of transgenics which fall into a negative ethical area. A non-ethically justified example is the Superpig. As referenced in Table 1, Appendix 2, the Superpig was designed to grow larger with less fat and food intake as a food source. However, Pursel et al (1990) report the animal suffered significant health issues and a severe amount of pain and eventually did not reproduce properly. The Superpig is a clear reminder that it is impossible to predict the exact outcome of microinjection. The creation of the Superpig is not known to be beneficial to man. In the author’s opinion unlike the other foo types which have strong benefits to society and should be allowed the Superpig is a non-ethically justified transgenic
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