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American National Business Hall of Fame, ANBHF S. Truett Cathy

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Dr. Richard E. Hattwick
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Truett Cathy's career story belongs in a collection of biographies labeled "Christian Business Leaders," or in the broader category of
"Businesses Built on Religious Principles." In 1967 Cathy founded the Chick-fil-A chain of fast food restaurants. In building the 1,000 store chain, he explicitly relied on his religious principles. The
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He also invited us occasionally to go with him and (his son) Ted to his cabin on Lake Johnson. ...
"In time I came to understand that I could choose the type of model I would follow in life, and I chose the example of Theo
The second impressionable experience occurred in high school when
Truett took an elective course called Everyday Living. In that course he was introduced to Napoleon Hill's book Think and Grow Rich.
Here is what Truett has to say about that encounter (2000, p.32):
"I wasn't all that bright - I had difficulty keeping up in class and I had always carried with me a bit of an inferiority complex regarding socializing at school and I never felt confident about dating girls. But I enjoyed my work and I enjoyed the rewards of working. As I read Mr. Hill's book, I realized I could do anything if I wanted it badly enough. His words motivated me and showed me that I live in a do-ityourself world."

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American National Business Hall of Fame, ANBHF S. Truett Cathy

After graduating from high school Truett went to work for the
United States Civil Service where he was part of a team that repaired equipment for the Army. He eventually had 200 mechanics working under him. Then he was drafted by the Army and was given a clerical assignment. In 1944 his unit was assigned to join the fighting in the South Pacific. But before
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