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It is said that technology is turning our world into a global village, and this is true to some extent but even now if we move from one city to another, one can feel the difference in language, culture, life style and many more. In my case I moved thousand of miles from my country, Pakistan. The differences are unimaginable. I was born in a very big house with 5 bedrooms, 2 living rooms, 2 kitchens, big lawns in front and back, servant quarters and couple of servants serving my family. This wasn’t like this because we were filthy rich or millionaires. It simply portrays a middle class home in my country. My grandmother was used to wake up before sunrise and opened all the windows and doors for fresh air, and for the voice of rooster. Then…show more content…
Education system is still 50 years old; in short it is right when they say Pakistan is one of the developing country. One day my history professor was describing a common households in 18 century, where women use to wash cloths by hands, clean carpets by beating them, cooking everything from scratch, only poor working women and girls from middle class waiting for their charming prince to come and take them to their new houses, and how they stayed all day home doing house chores. It seemed as if he was describing my home in my country. Even though technology is bringing major changes but culture has a powerful influence on our daily life and not very easy for us to let that go. When I moved to New York, it was like moving to an entirely different time. It seemed as I stepped into a time machine and ended up fifty years ahead. I could never imagine this much liberty, freedom and equal rights for women. I realized that we have choices, dreams and can make our own rules to live. Undoable life becomes complicated and tiring, but physical fatigue is worth each and every minute of mental freedom. This whole thing gives prospect to my life. Although I miss my servants a lot but on the other hand house chores aren’t that difficult as they are back home. Washing cloths, cooking, cleaning just a couple of buttons on a machine and bingo, done! But still now, I would like to go back and spend my life in my country, and try my best to bring

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