types of friends

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This is my good neighbor, George, We often talk to each other when we are cleaning up our cars on Sunday. Besides these conversations and living in the same neighborhood, there is nothing between us. Base on Viorst 's description, convenient friends are those that we would not have naturally befriended, and only cross paths occasionally. These people are not really friends in the original sense of the word. These are people we get to relate with out of convenience and do not have talk to them too much about ourselves. Even Viorst admitted that: "But we don 't with convenience friends, ever come too close or tell too much: We maintain our public face and emotional distance."(1). Another example is my next door neighbor, Tanya. She…show more content…
However, in one 's life there may be a time when everything goes against our predictions. But I do not worry because close friends will come to us and help us go through our hard times as Viorst wrote: "Friends furthermore take care [...]" (3). During my hard time, Huy always stayed next to me: I told him that I was on the brink of total collapse as no more strength was left to withstand the hardship. He comforted me and tried to find a solution to help me because we were like brothers. I still remember the time when I was so sick. I could not go to school, so Huy was the only one that took care of me and helped me by taking notes in class. Because he had a job at that time so going to school, taking care of me, and working was too much for him. But he told me that: "we are like brothers, how can I leave you alone". The duty of being friend, best friend, is not just about finding happiness but also the responsibility to help and to take care of our friend. That is what Viorst wrote in her book: "It is clear that intimate friendships involve important rights and obligations" (4). Close friends are friends who share the joys, the secrets, the unforgettable moments. Moreover, they give many elements to other lives and they also receive many opinions, experiences and feelings from the others. I learned from my best friend that 'close friends ' should care for each
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