uncertainty in our life Essay

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After learning the concept of post-modernism in class and doing some research on the internet, I have a rough idea of what the postmodernism is. In this essay I will discuss the postmodern elements in the movie ¡°Run Lola Run¡±. By watching this movie, I think that ¡°Run Lola Run¡± is a movie which is fast paced, exciting and attractive. Moreover, it offers three sections, each comprising the same story, but told in contrasting ways; which in my opinion makes this movie quite different from other common movies and the uncertainty of the postmodernism view of life obvious.      First of all, the movie has an unusual opening. When the movie begins, there are just many people on the screen; and I cannot find any…show more content…
In fact, Lola uses her strength and energy to help the hapless Manni whose gender is male but seems have a female¡¯s role in this movie. In my opinion, this shows another postmodernism view in this movie. In many stories men usually are the heroes and they save women; however, in this movie the woman is the hero. The opposite of stereotypical gender roles makes the movie more attractive and interesting. As the story goes on, I find many things are arranged by the fate and destiny; in other words, human¡¯s lives are full of uncertainties. However, in the movie it is clear that one tiny thing will affect the result in the end. The different sections of the movie are altering quite considerably by the same tiny things from one to another; however, this reflects one of Bonnycastle¡¯s core feelings of postmodernism ¡°¡­ you may have [a feeling] as an outside is one of uncertainty¡­¡± (Bonnycastle 232). In addition, the initial reason why Manni lost his money is that Lola does not go to pick him up; and then, why Lola does not go there is that her motorcycle was stolen when she was in the gas station. Everything has been changed by chance, and it shows the uncertainties of their life. Furthermore, the dog in the walkway is also an important key to show the changeful life during the movie. In the first section, when Lola rushes out of her home, she is scared by that dog. At that time, she hesitates to
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