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Unit 12: Understand Mental Health Problems 1.1 Describe the main types of mental ill health according to the psychiatric (DSM/ICD) classification system: mood disorders, personality disorders, anxiety disorders, psychotic disorders,substance-related disorders, eating disorders, cognitive disorders The main forms of mental ill health can include clinical depression whereby the main signs and symptoms of this may include: * An unusually sad mood that does not go away * Loss of enjoyment and interest in activities that used to be enjoyable * Lack of energy and tiredness * Loss of confidence in themselves or poor self-esteem * Feeling guilt when they are not at fault * Wishing they were dead * Difficulty in concentrating or making…show more content…
Psychotic disorders can be described as a mental health disability in which a person experiences changes in thinking, perception, mood and behaviour which can severely disrupt their lives. Some of the main psychotic disorders include schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, psychotic depression, schizo affective disorder and drug induced pychosis. Some common symptoms when a psychotic disorder is developing include depression, anxiety, irritability, suspiciousness, blunted or flat or inappropriate emotion, changes in appetite, changes in thinking, difficulties in concentration or attention, a sense of alteration to ones self or the outside world, odd ideas and unusual perceptual experiences. Some behavioural symptoms can include sleep disturbance, social isolation or withdrawal and/or reduced ability to carry out work and social roles. Some specific personality disorders include paranoid personality disorder, schizoid personality disorder, dis-social personality disorder, impulsive type emotionally unstable personality disorder and borderline type emotionally unstable personality disorder. Unspecified personality disorders and mixed personality and troublesome personality disorders are also included. Substance related disorders include mental and behavioural disorders due to use of alcohol, opioid, cannabis, sedatives or hypnotics, cocaine, tobacco, stimulants such as caffeine, multiple drug use and use

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