understanding differences worksheet 2 Essay

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MHF Module: Understanding Differences

Understanding Differences Worksheet

Research a culture from a country that is different than your own.

Complete the table below for the culture you chose. Include 50 to 150 words for each response.

Culture: Afganistan

Cultural View of the Topic
Raising children
Raising children in this country is extremely harsh, many children are introduced to abuse, violence, neglect and exporiation. During the years of war, hundreds of children have been used as suicide bombers and are daily put in harms way. According to Swanson (Swanson & Swanson,2011) “Conflict and political violence force millions of children and their families to flee their homes and as a result displaced families spend years
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This group has raised the percentage in deaths and injuries by 20%. Boys are taught to be soldiers at a very young age are expected to be a cause of violence against others.
Drug use
According to Ahmed (Ahmend, 2013) between the years of 2005-2008 the use of drugs according tho the United Nations Office on drugs and crime has raised more than 40%. Afgans are considered to have huge addiction problem on their hands, some even considere Afghanistan to have a growing army of drug addicts.
As one may expect, suicide is a huge problem in this country. Many people are trainied to be sucide bombers. However, there are those that commit suicide for other reasons such as not being able to take their way of living anymore, some women take their own lives due to not being able to handle being married to abusive drug addicted husbands. Men take their own lives simply due to not wanting to go on anymore.
Afghanistan has been for years a country struggling with authority issues. These struggles date back to the 16th century of the Mughal Empire and continues with the Taliban today. These historic struggles are responsible of the changing nature of political authority in this volatile region of our world. There have been many attempts from other groups to try and “conquer” the land but

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