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Tutor comments/marks Introduction There are many different leadership and management theories, some of which may appear contradictory. The Author will briefly outline why they think there are so many different theories and the differences and similarities between managing and leading and how this contributes to such a vast literature on leadership and management. The Author will outline how theoretical ideas about leadership and management have changed over time using wider reading and module material from chapters 2 and 3; Leading, Managing, Caring: understanding leadership and management in health and social care. Throughout this assignment the author will critically evaluate whether it is useful or confusing for a manager or…show more content…
I also believe different styles and theories were produced as there seems to be no single style of leadership to be found universally effective as not everyone exhibits the same leadership behaviour. I do believe that it helps to have an understanding of the pros and cons of each style as this will allow you to adapt your approach to the situation but at the same time can become confusing to the reader. But what is the difference between leadership and management (Kotter, 2001)? Differentiating leadership and management is not easy (Larkin,2008) however managers and leaders are quite distinct in their role and functions (Kotter, 1988). Managers think incrementally, work with and through other people, they act as channels of communication within the organisation, do things by the book, use a formal, rational method, they may have a set of job descriptions, and company policies and procedures which they have to follow. "Managers do things right, while leaders do the right thing" (Pascale 1990). Whereas a leader thinks radically, uses passion and stirs emotion and may not necessarily wield such formal power and may rely on their ability to motivate other people around a shared vision (Kotter, 1990), (Chapter 1; Preparing to lead, page 5). Larkin (2008, page 24) "Leadership and management differ from each other, not in what they want to achieve, but more in the means and approaches
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