undertake agreed pressure area care

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The key purpose identified for those working in health, social or care settings is “to provide an integrated, ethical and inclusive service, which meets agreed needs and outcomes of people requiring health and/or social care”.

For this unit you need to be able to undertake pressure area care for individuals, following the individual's care plan and risk assessment, and relevant protocols and procedures within your work area. It is aimed at prevention that is maintaining healthy skin and preventing breakdown.

A series of interventions which will minimise or prevent infection and cross infection including hand washing / cleansing before during and after the activity and the use of personal protective clothing and additional
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The terms in this section give you a list of options linked with items in the performance criteria. You need to provide evidence for any option related to your work area

Adverse conditions include: incontinence; lack of nutritional intake; unconsciousness; confusion; surgery

Care plan (usually kept in the care setting) includes: paper document; electronic tool

Changes include: redness; dryness; bruising;
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